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British dark bees raised from Apis mellifera mellifera (AMM) breeder queens and open mated for sale as 5 frame Nucleus colonies. 

Available as either overwintered nucs in May (with marked overwintered queen) or Summer nucs in May/ June (with a newly mated dark queen), Hives supplied in a correx travel box with 3 frames of bees and brood in all stages and 1 frame of food.

Overwintered 2023/24 Colonies are available to pre-order with limited availability.

All our bees for sale are locally mated (not foreign imports) and specially adapted for the climate and forage of southern England.  We raise them in Nuculuse hives and all mated queens have been allowed to lay for at least 21 days to guarantee their fecundity (7 days longer than most breeders)


Summer nucleus colonies are less likely to give issues such as swarming as the queens are in their first season, so very suited to a beginner or those looking to introduce young colonies into their beekeeping. Summer Nucleus can be pre-ordered here

We can provide colonies as either BS National 5 frames nucs, 11 frame full beehives, or as mated queens or virgin queens 

Our bees for sale are bred for good temperament, disease resistance, honey production, and low swarming tendency.

All nucleus hive need to be collected in person from Henley on-Thames.  Mated queens and Virgins will be sent first class Royal Mail recorded delivery


Our 5 frame overwintered nucleus colonies are available from Mid May and supplied on Standard British National frames and come in a temporary travel box. They will have an overwintered open mated dark queen, three to four frames of brood in different stages, and one frame of food. 



Our 5 frame Summer nucleus hives are headed by this years queen which has been open mated and laying for a minimum of 21 days. They are available from Late May. Supplied on Standard British National frames with 3-4 frames of bees and brood and 1-2 frame of food.  



A complete wooden

British National Bee Hive with open mesh varroa floor. Crown broad and 4" flat roof. The hive includes 11 British national frames (equivelent of 2x nucs) and comes with Bees and brood in all stages.  An open-mated dark queen and includes a minimum of 2 frames of food.



All our Queens come from Apis mellifera mellifera  (AMM) breeder stock and are open mated.  They are reared for gentleness and for their honey gathering properties They have been laying for a minimum of 21 days to maximise the fecundity of the queen A full 7 days more than many other breeders



Virgin queens are posted out between 12 - 48 hours old, together with 5 attendants..  Its recommend upon arrival, you spray the cage with a little water and remove the attendants, before placing the whole cagein a colony of nurse bees.  Check to make sure she has been released after 4 days 


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